Sickness Income Plan

  • A unique form of income protection in the event of sickness or injury.
  • You choose the monthly premium (from £4.00 up to £70.00): your sickness benefit per day will be the same amount. A 50p per month Management Fee will be added.
  • Benefit starts on the first day of your doctor's certificate.
  • Your sickness benefit is tax-free* and paid monthly by cheque to you.
  • Currently 70% of your premium is allocated to your very own ‘Member’s Fund’ and can be a welcome nest-egg whenever you need it. It's YOUR MONEY!
  • There is also the facility to save in a 'Surplus contributions Deposit' account with tax-free* interest .

Our cover is worldwide but you have to live in the U.K. to join.

* under current legislation.