ChildCare Plan

  • A unique form of income benefit if your child is ill or in hospital.
  • Facility to save in a Surplus Contributions Deposit Account with tax-free interest* for the costs of higher education and any other major events in your child's life.
  • An ideal cover for parents/guardians whose lives would be disrupted by their child's illness.
  • You can use the cash benefit any way you wish; to pay for professsional medical care while you continue at work, or for a recuperation holiday!
  • You choose the monthly premium (from £4.00 up to £70.00); your child's Sickness Benefit per day will be the same amount. A 50p per month Management Fee will be added.
  • Benefit starts on the first day of your child's doctor's certificate.
  • Your child's Sickness Benefit is paid monthly by cheque to you.
  • Currently 70% of your premium is allocated to your child's very own ‘Member’s Fund’.

Our cover is worldwide but you have to live in the U.K. to join.

* under current legislation.