We are fortunate to receive many testimonials from our members praising the benefits of our products and complimenting us on our service. Here are just a sample of those we have received over the last two years:

Mr. J. E, East Yorkshire - September 2010:

My sudden diagnosis of terminal cancer was a great shock to me and my family. Your excellent response to my claim has brought great relief from financial worries and ensures that we will make the best use of my remaining time. Thank you so much. Everyone should join. This was one of my most sensible decisions to join as a young teacher.

Mr. N. Marlow, Leicester - February 2010:

I have always received great courtesy and professionalism when communicating with 'SFS'. The reason, five years ago, for joining 'SIP', was prompted by the fact that, as a 'Casual Supply Teacher', I do not qualify for any form of sick pay, because not being contractually employed.

Mr. R. Mason, Skipton - February 2010:

Efficient, friendly staff have met all of my needs. As a member of the Society for over 25 years the SIP scheme provides great financial support at a time of greatest need.

Mr. I. Goodrich, Hartlepool - February 2010:

A truly friendly, efficient and excellent organisation.

Rosemarie Hodgkinson, Church Stretton - December 2009:

The Schoolteachers Friendly Society lives up to its name, it is not only friendly, but efficient and has always dealt with any claims in a helpful way. Thank you.

Miss. D. Robail, Peterborough - November 2009:

In these stressful times it is very refreshing to be dealing with an organisation that is uncomplicated and efficient.  Thank you.

Mrs. S. Lawrence, Cumbria - July 2009:

I always find your service helpful, very efficient and if I need to speak to anyone they are polite and friendly.

I joined the Sickness Income Plan on the recommendation of a friend about 15 - 20 years ago. I have always found the service first class and have actively tried to encourage others to join. The last payment from the Sickness Plan was used to help pay for physiotherapy.

Mrs. A. Hendon-John, Isle of Wight - July 2009:

I joined SFS as a very young teacher nearly 30 years ago thinking that I could create a small lump sum to spend on my retirement. I could not have dreamed of the circumstances that led me to being absent from work for nearly a year, but I was extremely grateful when the cheques arrived each month that helped to cover all of the additional costs my illness had incurred.

Mr. A. Clarke, Liverpool - June 2009:

An excellent and reassuring service; just what I needed with polite, friendly and professional staff.

Mr. P. Collis, North Yorkshire - May 2009:

Joining the Society in 1971 was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. The sickness benefit payments have been much appreciated, the service provided by staff and volunteers is awesome, and I've built up a lump sum which will be great when I retire.

Mrs. E. M. Garget-Stringer, Norwich - May 2009:

Many thanks SFS! Prompt, efficient service, as always. I'm impressed, too, by the new downloadable claim form.

Mr. J. Youles, N E Lincs - March 2009:

I joined in 1987 because it seemed an excellent method of saving money and getting sickness benefit all in one. Over the 30 years or so I have made serveral claims, all of which have been accepted and paid without hastle, including a few since I retired from teaching nearly 20 years ago, aged 50 and one month!

I just wish I had increased my premiums more frequently than I did. I intend to use my cash eventually on a lengthy holiday to New Zealand and Australia.

Mr. S. Stanton, Tyne & Wear - March 2009:

Full marks for efficiency of service. Claim made and cheque received within 4 days!

Mrs. A Briggs, Derbyshire - February 2009:

When I joined the scheme in the 80's I thought it was too good to be true but time and time again SFS has provided me with security at difficult times. The service is excellent, quick with no hassle paper work. I recommended the scheme to a friend who sends me flowers when she is ill because the benefits are so good and she is thankful that she listened to me and is still part of the scheme in her retirement.

Mrs. D. Davies, Hampshire - January 2009:

I have been a member since 1986 and have had numerous claims dealt with quickly and efficiently. I don't understand why more people don't join - it is the simplest and most straighforward 'health insurance plan' I have ever come across. What you pay in per month you claim back per day - so easy!

Mr. P. A. Barlow, Lincolnshire - January 2009:

Not only does the SIP scheme offer an excellent safety net, it also accumulates cash at the end of your time with the SIP (depending on how much you have to claim, of course!). Every way, you win!

Mrs. G. Moore, London - January 2009:

I've been a member for about 15 years. A colleague from the NASUWT told me about the Scheme. It is a great way of saving as well as an insurance to help when you are ill. Although I'm not ill often the money has been a great help to pay for additional child care when I have been unwell.

Mr. D. Yeomans, Cheshire - January 2009:

My mother was a member for years and she told me how good the Society was. Even though I have only needed to use it a few times, it has been very helpful and speedy in settling my claims which is useful as I am self-employed.

We do not pay shareholders, we only reward our members.